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About us.

Runrise Safety.,Ltd is one of the
leading racking supplier in China.We have shelving
system for any environment and racking system for
warehouse for all types of loads.We dedicates
ourselves to provide quality racking systems at
competitive price.
Our factory,advanced facilities and professional
workmanship ensure our further improvement.Our
products are very popular in Southeast Asia,Australia.
Europe,America and Canada.
RUNRISE Shelf has been adhering to the principle of
"quality for survival,service for development.
reputation first,customer first".The concept of serving
customers.Sincerely cooperate with customers and
work together to create a better tomorrow



公司接受之付款方式為 : 現金 / 銀行轉賬 / 支票 / PCARD / COD 


公司名稱:日昇安防有限公司 / Runrise Safety Limited



本公司的採購卡(P Card)註冊商戶名稱為:RUNRISE SAFETY LIMITED



一般問題解答 1.) 你們的原材料和產品使用範圍是什麼? 材料是標準的冷軋鋼板。靜電粉末塗層表面,避免生銹。 產品使用範圍:各種倉庫,物流公司,以及其他需要存儲物品的地方。 2.) 倉儲貨架的顏色有哪些? 我們工廠常見的顏色有藍色、白色、橙色、黑色、灰色 3.) 工廠是否接受不正常的尺寸? 是的,我們可以接受定制,但定制貨架的訂貨量應達到5套以上。 4.) 這些架子是防銹的嗎? 當然,我們一共有9道生產工序來防止貨架生銹。我們全部採用粉末噴塗。這是迄今為止最好的防銹工藝 5.) 交貨時間是什麼? 我們整個集裝箱的交貨時間是10天 拼箱交貨時間為7天 現貨尺寸交貨時間為3-7天 6.) 你們與其他供應商有何不同? 我們的優質服務 對於快速、無障礙的報價,只需發送電子郵件給我們。我們承諾在12小時內回復價格。 7.)我們的快速製造時間 對於選擇性的託盤式貨架訂單,我們將承諾在15天內生產。作為一個製造商,我們可以確保根據正式合同的交貨時間。 8.)我們的特殊出口設計 我們非常重視出口包裝。我們在橫樑上安裝了塑膠夾子,以保護橫樑在運輸過程中的表面損傷。 我們在梁上安裝了塑膠夾,以保護梁在運輸過程中的表面損壞,我們用透明塑膠薄膜包裹整個立柱。 9.)我們的保證時間 高標準的設計和製造保證了我們對產品的正常使用有10年的保修期,這是最長的製造商的保修期! 10.) 付款期限是什麼? 一般來說,50%的首付訂金,餘額在貨到時付清。 11.) 我可以知道我的訂單的狀態嗎? 可以。我們會在您的訂單的不同生產階段向您發送資訊和照片。你會及時得到最新的資訊。

General Questions 1.) What are your raw materials and the range of products used? The material is standard cold rolled steel plate. Electrostatic powder coated surface to avoid rusting. Product usage: Various warehouses, logistics companies, and other places where items need to be stored. 2.) What are the colors of storage racks? The common colors of our factory are blue, white, orange, black, and gray. 3.) Does the factory accept abnormal size? Yes, we can accept customization, but the order quantity of custom shelves should be more than 5 sets. 4.) Are these racks rust-proof? Of course, we have a total of 9 production processes to prevent the racks from rusting. We use powder coating for all of them. This is the best anti-rust process so far. 5.) What is the delivery time? Our delivery time for the whole container is 10 days LCL delivery time is 7 days Delivery time for spot size is 3-7 days 6.) What makes you different from other suppliers? Our Quality Service For a fast, hassle-free quote, just send us an email. We promise to return your price within 12 hours. 7.) Our quick turnaround time For selective pallet rack orders, we will promise to produce within 15 days. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee delivery times according to formal contracts. 8.) Our special export design We take export packaging very seriously. We have installed plastic clips on the beams to protect the beams from surface damage during shipping. We have installed plastic clips on the beams to protect the beams from surface damage during shipping, and we wrap the entire column with clear plastic film. 9.) Our guarantee time The high standard of design and manufacturing guarantees us a 10-year warranty for proper use of the product, which is the longest manufacturer's warranty! 10.) What are the payment terms? Generally speaking, 50% down payment and the balance upon delivery. 11.) Can I know the status of my order? Yes, you can. We will send you information and photos of your order at different stages of production. You will get the latest information in a timely manner.

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